Knowing where to start or even knowing how to start can seem overwhelming. Nutrition Services can help create a sustainable approach that fits your needs for today and in the future. Our team of Registered Dietitians is dedicated to helping you improve your health through evidence-based nutrition education and counseling. 

Registered Dietitians provide nutrition counseling services in individual and group settings in our medical offices and virtually, through telephone appointments or webinar-based classes. Call 303-338-4545 or go to for appointment scheduling. 

Need extra support? Connect wtih one of our Wellness Coaches!

Wellness Coaching: Our wellness coaches are health educators with expertise in preventive health care and behavior-change counseling. They don‘t tell you what to do— they use your goals to create a customized action plan and help you discover techniques that work for you.
Wellness coaching can help you:
• Achieve a healthy weight
• Stop using tobacco
• Become more active
• Reduce stress
• Eat healthier
Call 1-866-862-4295, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. MST time to make an appointment.
Coaching is offered in English and Spanish and there’s no charge for Kaiser Permanente members.


Meet our Nutrition Services Team

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